We are delighted to provide links to other Bible-based sites, but of course we do not intend by these links to endorse all that you might find.

Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)  Our denominational website

Free Church of Scotland (C) Seminary  Our denominational seminary

Covenant College, Zambia   One of our principal missionary interests


Christian Organisations

Lord’s Day Observance Society  Promoting the fourth commandment

Trinitarian Bible Society  Translating, printing and distributing the Word of God

Christian Witness to Israel  A Christian witness to the Jewish people

Banner of Truth  International book publishing

The James Begg Society  Publishing and lecturing

The Scottish Reformation Society  Defending and promoting the Protestant Reformation in Scotland


Sermons & Teaching

Sermon Audio  Preaching and teaching

Audio Sermons  Expository sermons

School In Theology  History of school and lectures available online  Resources from FCC minister Maurice Roberts


Resources for Psalm singing

Sing The Psalms

Psalm singing online